dor-tantura beach

The Dor-Tantura beach is one of the most beautiful
beaches in Israel. The beach is made of a link of islands
and bays, which give it a special atmosphere.
The Beach is located between Atlit and Hadera,
near Kibbutz Nachsholim.
Drive route 4 to Foradis crossroad, turn north toward Haifa and
drive 2km, then turn left to route 7011.
There is no entrance to the beach from highway 2.










The Dor-Tantura beach has a long history, underwated archeological site, golden beach and small bays with blue water and dark rocks.
There are a few fishermen boats constantly on the beach, and seagulls come to visit from the neighbor island.



The coastline is seen far to the horizen.
In the blue water there are four island.
On the left - the island "Hofit", covered by soft waves.
Next to it - the island "Tfat", visited mostly by seagulls.
To get to the island, you have to wait to a calm sea and sime
or come by boat.
During the brooding period, the seagulls surround the island,
watching it and poking everyone who dares to come near.
The island "Dor" is parallel to the bay and keeps its calm water
from waves.
Next to it, the island "Shchafit", which on the way to it, the water
is up to the knees.









The beach offers scubagear rentals, a restaurant, showers,
toilets and parking.
The restaurant offers naturists who come to the beach 10% off
when showing a card provided by the INS.
From April 13th the beach is open to all naturists all week.
Entrance ticket is 20 ILS.
The part of the beach that is assigned to us, is on the south end of the southern beach, and is surrounded with a green fence.

The beach management asks everyone to leave the beach
clean after we stay in it.







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